Wine-A-Rita Wine Glace

Wine-A-Rita Wine Glace’


It’s been a real cold winter for everyone this year. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until the trees start budding and the flowers start blooming again. The days of hot chocolate and evenings enjoying a hot toddy or Irish coffee by a roaring fire will give way to a cool beverage by the pool.
Wine Glace’ was the first frozen beverage put out by Wine-A-Rita. A versatile mix, you can make Wine Glace’ several different ways:


• Frozen or on the rocks with Red or White Wine
• Frozen or on the rocks with juice or Ginger Ale


A pool party can be fun for everyone!! Why not serve Wine Glace’ and surprise you guests with this delightful beverage!! Mixing Wine-A-Rita Wine Glace’ is so easy just follow the directions below for a refreshing treat:


Wine-A-Rita Wine Glace’ frozen beverage
• Combine ½ bag (3/4 cup) Wine Glace’ mix and 12 oz of Red or White Wine
• Blend until mix has totally dissolved
• Fill blender with ice and mix until smooth
• Pour into your favorite glass and serve
Wine Glace’ can also be served as a non-alcoholic beverage by using juice (preferably grape) or Ginger Ale for a tasty frozen treat.


Not everyone is a frozen drink fan, so here are directions for making Wine-A-Rita Wine Glace’ to be serve over ice:
• Combine one full bag of Wine Glace mix and 32 oz of water
• Blend until mix has totally dissolved
• Mix in 12 oz of Red or White Wine
• Serve over ice in your favorite glass
This can also be made with juice or Ginger Ale for a brisk non-alcoholic beverage.


Because the word Glace’ intrigued me, I checked several sources to find out just what the word meant. The following are some definitions I found for the word Glace’:
• Smooth, glazed or glossy surface
• Coated with sugar glaze
• Crystallized
• Allowed to absorb sugar
• French meaning – to glaze or freeze
• Frozen or iced


In my opinion, all of the above suit Wine Glace’ very well. Wine-A-Rita scores a home run with Wine Glace’. However you choose to make it, Wine Glace’ is sure to be a hit at your next gathering.


You may purchase Wine-A-Rita Wine Glace’ online at BigCityMarket.Com. It also comes in a Decorative Bag that makes a wonderful Gift.

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