Wine-A-Rita Five Pack Beverage Mix

It’s time for a party, invite friends over and serve all 5 Wine-A-Rita beverage mixes!! Not only will you be known as the hostess (or host) of a fabulous get together, but you can also be one of the first to introduce your friends to Berry Pom-A-Rita (newest flavor from Wine-A-Rita). Each of the mixes has its own unique flavor.
Peach Bellini – Italy’s answer to a Mimosa – Mix with White Wine or Champagne
CosmoRita – A new twist on a classy cocktail – Mix with Wine or Vodka
Senorita – A south of the border favorite – Mix with White Wine or Tequila
Wine Glace’ – The first mix created by Wine-A-Rita – mix with Red or White Wine
Berry Pom-A-Rita – The newest flavor from Wine-A-Rita – Pomegranate and Blueberries yummy!!
You can also make a wonderful frozen non alcoholic treat by substituting the Wine (or other spirit) with Ginger Ale.
Purchase a Wine-A-Rita Five Pack at BigCityMarket.Com.

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